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To fully enjoy your garden all year long, each period has its importance, which is why it requires regular and specific attention, if we do not want to see it turn into a jungle. Several important parameters are to be considered…
Thanks to our professionalism we will be able to accompany your garden and outdoor spaces throughout the seasons to embellish and sublimate them.

Annual maintenance contracts for individuals, communities, condominiums and more…

Do you have a small garden? A large property? A wooded park? Business premises bordered by green spaces.
This contract allows us to intervene on a regular or occasional basis throughout the year to perpetuate your landscaped green spaces in an optimal way (its nature and duration are to be determined).
Yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly we adapt our services to your needs and desires.

Ornamental pruning (shrubs, trees, hedges...)

Depending on the species, plants are not pruned at the same season and in the same way.
The pruning of plants is therefore a very important and beneficial operation.
It allows to maintain a plant in good health, to give it a particular shape (topiary art), to increase flowering or harvests but also to protect them against possible diseases.


Maintenance of your floors

Soil contains many nutrients and microorganisms, but over time it tends to be depleted. Its structure is then modified, the soil becomes poor, compact, difficult to work and the plants inevitably suffer.
To nourish its plants, it is thus necessary to feed the earth… and all its micro fauna.

To do this we use different types of products (organic amendments, bio-organic and mineral fertilizers, with slow or fast diffusion, liquid or granulated …) because these products activity makes the richness of the soil and therefore the good growth and productivity of plants.

Finally, the floor maintenance is done by cleaning it (weeding, hoeing or digging).
We intervene at the level of trees, flower beds and grassed areas.
Knowing your soil is indeed the basis of the fertility of a plant!!!

Maintenance of turf areas

To obtain a beautiful lawn throughout the year, maintenance is essential to avoid the risk of seeing it turn yellow, invaded by moss or unwanted weeds. Your lawn therefore requires attention, specific and constant maintenance but also professional equipment. In order to flourish under good conditions, turf needs three vital elements: water, air and nutrients.

Several actions must be made:
– mowing (according to its nature and period)
– Scarification (once or twice a year to remove felt and moss)
– coring (manual or mechanical soil aeration)
– amendment and fertilization (soil and turf nutrition)
– phytosanitary treatment (selective weed killer, fungicide, etc.) – watering (regular and adapted)

Manual or mechanical clearing

Indeed, it allows to clean up a land while promoting the main plant species, but also to prevent the risks of frequent fires in our region.
Not only an indispensable aesthetic aspect, it is also a real necessity and even a legal obligation in some cases that can be sanctioned by law.

Clearing lands is a truly responsible civic act to protect ourselves and the forest!


Pruning / Cut

Pruning a tree is an art that cannot be improvised, it is a real precise operation that requires several precautions to be carried out in the best conditions.
Safety, aesthetics, maintenance, health of the tree, the reasons for pruning are multiple.
The period, the principle and the pruning techniques differ according to the types of trees.

Our specialists have this knowledge and intervene in complete safety and with respect for the environment.

Sanitary cut

In case of advanced attacks of pests on palm trees, this pruning is a real solution to be able to save your palm tree.
Indeed, this mechanical sanitation operation consists in eliminating all the red weevil foci present in the stipe and in the heart of the tree (meristem: main terminal bud which must not be too degraded) and in crushing the waste on site. A phytosanitary treatment must be carried out immediately after pruning. A protocol of preventive treatments will have to be set up to protect the tree from new attacks.

This method allows the regrowth of new palms in healthy conditions, it should be carried out very quickly, as soon as the first symptoms appear. In good times, a palm tree can grow again very quickly (15 days to 3 weeks).
A diagnosis will allow a precise evaluation of the contamination degree of the palm tree to consider this solution, failing with it will result by felling the palm.

We are registered by the DRAAF PACA (regional directorate of food, agriculture and forest of Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur) approved and authorized to intervene on palm trees for the fight against the red weevil ‘Rhynchophorus ferrugineus’ for monitoring, sanitation, felling and preventive treatments.

Palm tree pruning

The pruning of the palms is totally different from that of the trees. As a reminder it is not a tree but a ‘giant grass’ in the botanical sense. They are all plants that do not contain wood in the structure of their stem, we do not speak of trunk but of stipe.

Due to the strong presence of pests in the region, palm pruning is no longer carried out in the spring but rather out of season (November to March), as the insect does not fly during this period, which limits the risk of contamination.

Depending on the different species, the size is not done in the same way. For example, for the palm ‘phoenix canariensis’ there are two types of pruning: pineapple or daisy.
These ornamental sizes require a particular know-how and adapted tools (clamps, claws, axes, knives, chainsaws …).

Cut down

The decision to cut down a tree is always a difficult question. Because misplaced (planted in the wrong places), for safety reasons (too close to a house), for health reasons (diseases, fungi or parasites) or other reasons, felling is sometimes the only solution.
However, one must be aware that such an operation presents risks, especially if the tree to be felled is huge and imposing.

Our specialists have the know-how and master the different techniques of felling and dismantling.  


Extracting a tree stump from the ground is a tedious task and can become a real problem but can also generate damage at all levels (pipes, electrical network, foundation…).
Often unattractive or interfering with any outdoor landscaping project, it is therefore necessary to remove it. We offer you a clean, fast and efficient solution: stump trimming.

This operation consists in planning the stump in the soil at the end of the copal to a depth of about 15 inches using a suitable machine.
We can eliminate all types of tree stumps and different diameters.

Phytosanitary treatments

Plant treatments

For several years now, the company has specialized in the care and treatment of plants.
With global warming and the increase in imports, we are witnessing a real proliferation of diseases and pests making plants much more fragile and sensitive.
To take care of your plants, it is therefore essential to know how to recognize the different symptoms that can weaken them.

Trained, certified (Certyphyto N°: OF-0419-207-47) and certibiocide, approved (under the registration number PAO1722) we carry out efficient and complete diagnoses and expertises allowing us to carry out appropriate treatments in a reasoned way:

– Nutritional treatments: Foliar (by spraying) (Reinforcement of the plant) Root (ground injection)
– Pest control treatments: insecticide, acaricide, ovicide, larvicide… (Insects and pests)
– treatment of diseases: fungicide (Mushrooms)
– treatment of pests and undesirable: biocide (Mosquitoes, wasps, ants, rats…)

Finally, over the years we have seen hard long periods of drought aggravated by water restrictions, making lawns and plants completely yellowed.
Thus, we offer you an environmentally friendly alternative method: an application of green ecological paint that is rain resistant and effective for several months.

Palm tree treatments

The company has also oriented and specialized in the fight against palm pests.

-The red weevil: ‘Rhynchophorus ferrugineus’

Since the 2000s, palm trees in the French Mediterranean coast have been affected by a real scourge: the weevil. Native to South-East Asia, this small beetle was introduced by the massive importation of infested palms from the Middle East.
The damage caused in only a few years is so important that the fight against its presence is regulated in our country by the Ministry of Agriculture since the decree of July 21, 2010 and is mandatory for any owner of ornamental palm trees.

We propose two types of preventive fight:

– biological control (based on nematodes: steinernernma carpocapsae)
– chemical control: (imidacloprid-based insecticide)

This treatment protocol is to be performed every 21 days from March the 1st to November 15th. These products are applied in the heart of the palm tree by spraying or by telescopic lance.

Unfortunately until today no curative treatment exists, when the palm tree is contaminated, sanitary pruning is the only solution.
The palmivorous butterfly: ‘paysandisia archon’.

Originally from South America, it was introduced into southern Europe in the late 1990s through the contaminated palms importation.

This large lepidoptera (about 4 inches wingspan) attacks many species of palms: The Canary palm (Phoenix canariensis), the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera), the dwarf palm (Chamaerops humilis), the hemp palm (trachycharpus fortunei),and the Washingtonias.

True invasive species, the damage they cause by its attacks often leads to the death of the palm tree.

We offer you a means of preventive and curative fight 100% natural and biological: enthomopathogenic nematodes (microscopic worms).

– Preventive fight: it is spread out from March to September, to be carried out every 21 days.
– curative fight: it is applied as soon as the palm tree is affected.

Our experience will allow us to effectively diagnose the level of palm infestation to apply the right dosage.
It is therefore very important to treat and follow your palm trees, if we do not want to end up with the disappearance of our heritage so emblematic of the French Riviera!


The landscaping project creation or realization requires a preliminary study (economic, technical, aesthetic…) to define it the best way. A design plan is then implemented.
We put at your disposal all our know-how, to fulfil your expectations by playing with shapes, colors and textures.
Respectful of the environment, qualified and experienced, we listen to you and provide a quality service.
Our team has all the competences to ensure different jobs.


This one will give the theme of the garden, create an atmosphere while giving breadth, volume, colors and scents to your outdoor spaces. The exposure, the nature of the soil or the climate are all important factors not to be neglected during its realization.

This must be done in the best conditions to allow and ensure the plants a good development and growth over the years.

Thanks to our specific knowledge of plants, we can realize all your projects.

Landscape masonry

As its name suggests, landscape masonry is used to design outdoor spaces and landscapes to beautify them and also to make them practical.

We offer you different solutions to obtain a perfectly landscaped land:

– Earthworks
– Slab and screed
– Borders and low walls
– Aisles and stairs
– Paving, slabbing, Japanese steps
– Ponds, fountains
– Bowling field (French: “pétanque”) …

We will be able to advise you and help you in the elaboration of these various works.

Outside lighting

Once night falls, what could be sadder than a garden without light!

Lighting is indeed the essential element to be able to fully enjoy an exterior and give it a second life. It can be aesthetic and/or functional.
Indeed, the lighting will allow to create a particular atmosphere, to highlight an architectural or vegetal detail like enhancing a fountain or sublimating a foliage.
It will also ensure safety such as illuminating an inconspicuous alley, marking a wall, marking a staircase …

Every outdoor layout therefore requires an adapted lighting solution, which is why we will help you to conceptualize it according to your desires and needs.

Automatic watering

You do not need to wake up early in the morning to water your lawn or garden, why spending time to water your lawn or garden when you could be doing something else ?

Water is an essential element for the growth and development of plant life.
Automatic watering system installation will keep your plants and landscaped areas always green, while having a responsible and adapted water management.

We offer you specific installations and systems (sprinklers, micro sprinklers, drip, rain gauge, weather station…) for all types of spaces.
We also have a maintenance and after-sales service (checking and revision of the watering system, reprogramming, leak detection, etc.).

Finally, we also carry out the installation and renovation of unique and personalized water points (ponds and fountains).


The place of the lawn in the garden is an essential element that enhances everything around it.
Several important parameters are to be considered before its installation, notably the external environment (exposure, nature of the soil or the shape of the ground) … but also its conditions of use (trampling, animals…) which will be determining for the choice of seeds.

We offer different types of grassing adapted to your situation:
– the sowing
– sod (rolls)
– synthetic turf

Thanks to our know-how and our experience, we guarantee you a quality and long-lasting lawn that meets your expectations.